Come and watch me do a TV Segment! If any of you aren’t aware, I do a lot of Lifestyle segments throughout the Chicagoland area. Well, now that the landscape had changed, the new normal is doing TV segments via Zoom! My experience with zoom hasn’t been the best but I’m getting quickly familiar with it because I’ve been using it for my segments. So far, I’ve been featured virtually on CBS 2 Chicago twice since the pandemic. I’ve honestly missed going into the station! However, I’m starting to get used to this virtual thing. It allows me to be anywhere in the world right from my home.

    Since I promised myself that I’m going to start vlogging more, I decided this was the perfect opportunity to take you guys behind the scenes of my lifestyle segment via Zoom. You’ll get a peek into my quick glam and what it entails to set up to record it.

    Thanks for watching!


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