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Meet The Emmy Award Winning Violin Crooner Damien Escobar

Meet The Emmy Award Winning Violin Crooner Damien Escobar

At first, when I heard the title “Violin Crooner”, I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. I’m familiar with the term “R&B Crooner” but a violin crooner was a little perplexing to me. Just how is someone going to croon me with this instrument? Don’t get me wrong. I love classical music. I wasn’t opposed to the fact that a handsome man gently caressing the strings of his violin wouldn’t be romantic and captivating. Once I saw a video of Damien Escobar in action I was an instant fan.

Damien’s music derives from classical sounds, which he has fused with another nontraditional genre and created his own masterpiece. This Emmy-winning violin crooner took his unique sound and is currently selling out venues playing for fans across the U.S.  Last night he performed to a full house at The Promontory in Hyde Park. Before he stepped out on stage, I chatted with the violinist about how he got his start, his passion for playing the violin and more.

You can follow Damien on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter 
Director of Photography: TotAlii Vision/Tito Garcia

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Have you ever heard of Damien Escobar? If not, press play on the above video. What do you think of his music? 

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