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Tips & Tricks for Navigating Friendships in Your 30s

Tips & Tricks for Navigating Friendships in Your 30s

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Are you near your “thirty, flirty, and thriving” era? Entering your 30s can bring exciting new experiences — and new difficulties. You’ve reached a part of your adulthood where you are wiser than when you were in your twenties; you’ve grasped the importance of credit scores and paying bills on time. You may even be focusing on starting a family, building your career, or both. But the stress of daily life can sometimes lead to fallouts or misguided conflicts with friends. As you enter this new chapter, here are some tips and tricks from real 30-year-olds to help maintain and navigate friendships in your 30s.

1. It’s Normal to Schedule Dates With Your Friends!

In your twenties, life is all about having fun. You’re super young, but independent. Most people at this stage have responsibilities but not necessarily heavy commitments and can afford to be spontaneous with their plans.

In your thirties, things change. When you’re not working, you want to dedicate your free time to your family — but you don’t have “free time” because you are too busy working. When you’re not doing either, you are enjoying your own company by relaxing before the new week starts.

Making scheduled dates to see each other is much more common than you think! In fact, it’s necessary and considerate for friendships in your 30s. Recognizing that you cannot always be the priority in another friend’s life is a step toward ensuring a healthy friendship. A real friend will understand that to make time with each other, it’s best to plan ahead.

2. TikToks and IG reels are the New “Thinking of You”

These days, we send our friends TikToks or IG reels that remind us of them or that we find hilarious enough to share a laugh (even when not in the same room). Some people may look at this as not a “good enough” effort to maintain a friendship, but this can be your way of letting a friend know that you’re still thinking of them, and vice versa. We can’t always make the time to see our friends, but you can remind them that you’re still there by sending them a relatable or funny tiktok and/or IG reel.

3. Make a Call to Check-in

Everyone can get caught up in their own life, but to function and help ease our stresses, we still need our friends. They’re a home away from home; a safe space that allows us to vent our worries and celebrate our wins. Remind yourself that although you can’t see them often, you can at least live up to the idea of being a friend that’s truly a “phone call away.”

You have errands to do? Got to go for a long drive? Use this time to make a call to your bestie. This is the perfect way to catch up and update each other on your lives and even plan for the next hangout. These moments are what will help and continue healthy friendships in your 30s.

4. Communication is Crucial

This one is a given. As a good friend, you are not only there to be their ear, their diary, their supporter, but someone who will always keep it honest. Do you feel like you both of you aren’t on the same page? Tell them. Do you feel like both of you are drifting apart? Tell them. Do you feel like they haven’t been there enough for you? Tell them. Just don’t forget that tone and delivery impact how your communication is received.

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A real friend knows that communication will always come from love and not judgment. When it comes to friendships in your 30s, no one likes partaking in or starting drama. A real, mature friendship discusses their issues to try to find solutions.

5. Include Your Friends When Reaching Your Milestones

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These days, you’ve graduated, you’re getting married, you’re having a baby, or you have your dream career, all amazing milestones that you’ve worked super hard to achieve. When it’s time to celebrate, make sure the friends who stood by you and supported you along the way are on the invite list.

We often are so fixated on inviting our family members that we put our friends on the back burner. Real friendships in your 30s may have been on standby during your achievements but still supported you from afar. Does your friend live states away? Still, send that invite! The point is to let them know you haven’t forgotten them. It is a kind reminder to a friend that their support and love also helped you during your times of struggle and stress. Not only will they appreciate your efforts, but you know you’ve also made it clear to them that they still are important in your life.

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