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The Cast of Emily in Paris Reunites: Season 4 in Production, Lusty Love Triangles, Drama and More

The Cast of Emily in Paris Reunites: Season 4 in Production, Lusty Love Triangles, Drama and More

The cast of Emily in Paris has officially reunited for the next season! Filming for Season 4 began earlier this month and after being left in the dark with unanswered questions we now have our answer. Ladies, we can confirm that Lucien Laviscount will return as Alfie! Not only that, the drama, and lusty love triangles could continue!

Some of the cast took to their social media to show off their scripts from the first table read a few weeks ago, including Samuel Arnold who plays Julien, Lily Collins as Emily, Jin Xuan Mao who plays Etienne, and of course, Lucien Laviscount who plays Alfie. The only cast members who did not post about their scripts were Camille Razat, Lucas Bravo, and Ashely Park, but we already know they are coming back. Especially after the whole wedding being called-off fiasco (we will get to that part later, but if you know, you know that those lusty love triangles were reason).

Park revealed right around the time everyone was posting their table read that she had been in and out of the hospital after battling a case of “critical septic shock” due to tonsillitis The actress is now in good health and is currently in recovery. The 32-year-old was cleared for travel by medical professionals and she is now back in Paris. The actress is reunited and supported by the cast including her on and off-screen best friend, Lily Collins, as well as boyfriend, Paul Forman. Park publicly confirmed their relationship last week with an Instagram post sharing that the two of them have been dating for a year now.

Following Park’s post confirming the relationship between her and Forman, she shared another post of her and Lily Collins expressing how grateful she is for all the support. There’s nothing like getting a hug from your best friend after a huge health scare.

What to Expect from Season 4 of Emily in Paris: Lusty love triangles, drama recap, and more

So now that we know production is in full swing, what can we expect in Season 4? One thing is for sure, we can expect another full lesson in Geometry to happen. Aside from the fashion, those lusty love triangles are what make Emily in Paris entertaining. To recap, Season 3 ended with a huge cliffhanger (damn you Darren Star) with Camille leaving Gabriel at the alter, Alfie breaking up with Emily, and Gabriel revealing to her that Camille is pregnant. More importantly, Benoît (Kevin Dias) shows up at Mindy’s front door with jaw-dropping news that their single “Mon Soleil” was selected to go to Eurovision! However, she is now with Nicola (Paul Forman). Looks like that could be a love triangle all over again. And speaking of lusty love triangles let’s dive into the show’s history of Geometry.

The Lusty Love Triangles of Emily in Paris That Keep Us Watching

There are a lot of reasons why Emily in Paris has become our comfort show or guilty pleasure. Those lusty love triangles keep us engaged, maybe even remind us of our current and past lives, and dare to say they trigger our fantasies! Who wouldn’t want to be desired by a sexy Frenchman who either cooks (Gabriel), sells and designs fragrances (Antoine), sings and plays the guitar (Benoît), or manages a luxury fashion designer ( Nicola de Léon and Mathieu Cadault,because yes we forgot about him and how sexy he was – the way he looked at Emily)?

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How about being desired by a sexy British man who is always so attentive, makes time for you out of his busy schedule, and knows how to manage money (Alfie)? We haven’t even talked about being desired by a woman with a creative mindset who knows your deepest darkest desires and looks at you like you are a piece of art (Sophia).

Even if it’s never crossed your mind before, it’s probably popped up in your dreams at night, but having a sexual affair in a capital marketed as “The City of Love” has made you wonder about a randevu. Maybe the show has even reminded you of your past and the wild and crazy life you once had, or maybe it’s currently relatable. I wonder how many “Emilys” are reading this article right now. Either way, Emily in Paris has become our comfort show and a guilty pleasure for all of these reasons. It’s hard to look away from those lusty love triangles!

Emily in Paris Season 4 Release Date

While there isn’t an official release date for Season 4, The Hollywood Reporter, says it is likely possible the show will stick to its typical release month and wait until December of this year to premiere on Netflix. Until then, let’s all just grab our French wine from Total Wine and Spirits, binge our favorite comfort show, and get caught up again in those lusty love triangles.

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