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Tessa Thompson Exemplifies How Women Should Support & Uplift One Another

Tessa Thompson Exemplifies How Women Should Support & Uplift One Another

Every year awards season comes around, I tend to miss out on all of the action. I know I should be on an abundance of red carpets but it’s out of my control. The powers that be feel like I’m not a big enough outlet to cover award shows. Nevertheless, this year I got a chance to cover the NAACP Image Awards Dinner Gala in Pasadena, CA. Although it wasn’t the official awards show; a lot of stars walked the red carpet that night.

Tamera Mowry-Housely, Jemele Hill, Sterling K. Brown , Loni Love and countless others were in attendance.

As the carpet was coming to a close, Tessa Thompson appeared.

Tessa Thompson is an actress, known for Creed (2015), Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Dear White People (2014). –IMDb

She was wearing a sequined tuxedo suit while strutting down the carpet like a model. Her aura was captivating, yet refreshing. Although there was a long media line, Tessa took her time to talk to everyone with style and grace.

She had a unique way of making you feel important. There has been many instances where celebrities will dismiss you if you’re not BET, NBC or a national media outlet. But when those moments arise where celebrities show appreciation for smaller publications, it’s rewarding.

When Tessa came to chat with me, she couldn’t contain her love and admiration for Tiffany Haddish.

Stating, “I would lose to that woman any day of the week” while explaining the other nominees in her category.

She spoke of Tiffany’s glow up like a proud momma. In media, often times there aren’t many people (women) that will cheer for you, especially your “competitor”. Thankfully, the tides have changed. Now more than ever women are banning together to support and uplift one another. Seeing Tessa’s genuine support of Tiffany, compelled me to write an article.

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I want other women to see the beauty in supporting/uplifting. It’s quite magical. When women reach out to me with words of encouragement or admiration, I’m speechless. Often times their words are what keep me going. I think it’s important to have support and upliftment that reaches far beyond a trend. This business is hard enough, no one needs their fellow colleague to make it ten times harder. So ladies, today on #WCW reach out to another female, show support and uplift her (without expecting anything in return). The power in your positive words could give someone the strength to “Keep Going!”

Comment below and share your positive story of when a women supported/uplifted you. I’d even love to hear if you’ve witnessed a situation like this.



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