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Sustainable Shopping Guide: How You Spend Can Help Save The Planet

Sustainable Shopping Guide: How You Spend Can Help Save The Planet

Back in April I appeared on NBC 5 Chicago Today to share tips about how to shop sustainably for Earth Day, but Earth Day isn’t just a holiday in April. If you’re committed to creating a better planet for future generations, there are a lot of easy steps you can take today!

Below I’ve listed small ways you can start shopping sustainably and in the process help save the plant.


Did you know that your favorite makeup could be wreaking havoc on the environment? Many mainstream brands include toxic chemicals, and when the packaging breaks down (whether in one year or 100 years), those harmful chemicals leak into the soil and waterways.

Invest in beauty brands committed to non-toxic formulas and offer an opportunity to bring the packaging back to the store. Don’t forget to be kind to animals with cruelty-free brands!


Who doesn’t love cheap clothes in the latest trends? Planet Earth. According to a 2019 article in the New York Times, around 60% of clothing fabrics are made from synthetics, which means they won’t break down. Did you know that 85% of US textile waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated? The joy of a cheap, new outfit isn’t worth the eternal impact.

Instead, shop secondhand or invest in natural fibers. Buy the best you can afford because fewer, high-quality pieces will look better and be better for the environment.


Food fuels your body— is it also fueling a brighter future? Shop local to avoid shipping and reduce packaging, opt for plant-based to minimize energy consumption, and start your own veggie patch!


Instead of buying new furniture and art, go green with plants! Add oxygen to your home with a plant in an eco-friendly bamboo stand, and use sustainable soil, like coconut husks.

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Drinking can be the root of bad decisions, but Amarás Mezcal is a great choice. The brand is 100% carbon neutral, in sustainable glass, and works with a foundation to promote environmental responsibility.

A better planet is only possible if we all work together. Make small choices today for a better tomorrow.

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