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Oscar Awards Recap: Oppenheimer Reigns, Outstanding Performances and More

Oscar Awards Recap: Oppenheimer Reigns, Outstanding Performances and More

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Last night’s Oscar’s 2024 Awards ceremony was both a mixture of heartwarming performances and chaotic comedy. Host Jimmy Kimmel made some bold jokes, Ryan Gosling reprised his role as Ken and John Cena flexed his muscles nude on stage. Here’s a roundup of the top prize winners and performance bits of the night.

Jimmy Kimmel delivers an opening monologue at the 96th Oscar Awards Ceremony
Jimmy Kimmel hosted the 96th Oscar Ceremony at the Dolby Theatre at Ovation Hollywood. His opening monologue, despite it’s comedic ambition, fell through. (ABC/AMPAS)

Big Five Oscar’s 2024 Winners

The Oscar Award’s “Big Five” awards include trophies for best actress, actor, film, screenplay and best director.

Unsurprisingly, Christopher Nolans war biopic Oppenheimer dominated the stage, taking home seven wins out of its thirteen nominations. Nolan won for best director, Cillian Murphy won for best actor for his lead role and the film itself won best picture. Robert Downey Jr. also took home a notable award for best supporting actor.

Emma Stone was awarded best actress for her role in Poor Things, beating her fierce competitor Lily Gladstone, nominated for her astounding performance in Killers of the Flower Moon. As the first U.S. Indigenous woman to be nominated for an Oscar, we couldn’t help but feel a bit snubbed for her loss. Many viewers also agreed. In fact, though Killers of the Flower Moon received ten nominations, it took home none!

Best original screenplay was handed to Justine Triet and Arthur Harari for their murder-thriller Anatomy of a Fall, which received four other nominations as well.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Hit or Miss (Mostly Missed) Jokes

Host Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back on his jokes, so much so that many viewers were annoyed with them. Oscar hosts are notorious for taking jabs at the nominees as lighthearted fun, but fans were not happy when Kimmel complained about the running time of Killers of the Flower Moon.

Some suspect Downey Jr. and Stone were also irritated with Kimmel’s jokes, some of which seemed more personal than others. Fans echoed a similar annoyance, advocating for a new Oscar host.

Naked John Cena

The face of American pro wrestling and occasional actor John Cena provided some saving grace to Kimmel’s awkward opening monologue jokes. Cena appeared on stage seemingly naked with just an envelope covering part of his body. He went on to present the award for best costume design and paid homage to the infamous streaker at the 1974 Oscar Awards ceremony.

“Costumes… they’re so important,” Cena ironically joked.

Backstage photos revealed Cena wasn’t fully nude and had garment coverings, but nonetheless his appearance will definitely go down in the books!

“I’m Just Ken” Wears Pink on Wednesdays and Sundays

“On Wednesdays we wear pink” is perhaps one of the most iconic pop culture quotes in history. Ryan Gosling added on to the Mean Girls line by sporting an all-pink performance of his song “I’m Just Ken” on Sunday. His performance was not only a tribute to Barbie, but to America’s Hollywood sweetheart, Marilyn Monroe.

Gosling’s choreography also reflected Monroe’s classic dance number in the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Both Gosling and Monroe rocked monochrome pink outfits with back-up dancers in black suits, with Gosling’s performance adding modern twists such as electric guitar solos and cowboys.

In classic Twitter fashion, fans fawned over Gosling’s greatness as well as endearing footage of Killers of the Flower Moon director Martin Scorsese reacting to the performance.

Messi the dog… or Cillian Murphy?

Anatomy of a Fall‘s dog actor Messi, who played a pup named Snoop, had his own seat at the Oscar’s 2024. He sported a bowtie and boy did he look cute! Many fans are demanding he win an Oscar for his performance in the film, and I think we agree.

Some Twitter users even joked about the similar striking blue eyes between Messi and Oppenheimer‘s Cillian Murphy. Whose the real best actor of the night?

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Osage Nation’s Profound Rhythm and Cultural Homage

Last but not least, we’re ending our highlights with the poignant live performance of the Osage Nation’s Killers of the Flower Moon song Wahzhazhe (A Song for My People). With sonorous beating drums and sun-lit lighting, the Osage performers captivated the stage and earned a standing ovation.

Gladstone appeared to be on the brink of tears at the end, with Twitter users posting similar emotional reactions.

Indigenous Osage musicians perform a musical number at the 96th Oscar Awards Ceremony
The Osage Indigenous Tribe performed the Oscar-nominated song, “A Song for my People”, led by the talented Scott George.

That’s a wrap for our main Oscar highlights, but we’d like to shoutout our queen Da’Vine Joy Randolph for winning best supporting actress and Cord Jefferson for his best adapted screenplay win for American Fiction.

Cord Jefferson accepts an award for best adapted screenplay at the Oscars
American Fiction is Jefferson’s directorial debut and has already snagged an Oscar- foreshadowing his greatness to come.

Randolph was awarded for her outstanding performance in The Holdovers and has been taking home awards left and right this season. She looked absolutely stunning during her emotional speech, leaving co-star Paul Giamatti in happy tears.

We couldn’t help but cheer our girl on at home either!

Da'Vine Joy Randolph accepts an award for best actress at the Oscars
Randolph was welcomed on stage by a circle of historic supporting actress Oscar winners including Lupita Nyong’O, Rita Moreno, Regina King and last year’s winner, Jamie Lee Curtis.

Want to see our top picks for best Oscar’s 2024 red carpet looks? Read here to see the rockstars of the Oscars’ Under the Sea theme.

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