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Nigerian Superstar Waje Talks Upcoming EP and Bold New Release Strategy

Nigerian Superstar Waje Talks Upcoming EP and Bold New Release Strategy

Aitujabe Iruobe, best known by her stage name Waje is a musical force hailing from Nigeria. Getting her start singing gospel at her church, Waje developed an impressive three-octave vocal range. Over her 15-plus year career, Waje has released five albums, with her next release, an EP titled Same Human Different Beast, continuing to expand her sound as collaborates with a variety of artists while keeping the EP unique to her. She’s not only using her signature virtuosic vocal range but employing infectious instrumentals and hooks for a project that stays interesting and varied throughout its short runtime.

On this new EP, Waje is also changing up the way she releases music. She has partnered with Gala, an artist-focused music distribution platform, to roll out this EP before it hits major streaming platforms.

And Waje isn’t limiting herself to just music. She was a judge on The Voice Nigeria in 2016 and created Waje’s Safe House to use her platform to champion humanitarian issues. For our interview, we asked Waje about all aspects of her career to get the full picture of this musical force.

Nigerian superstar Waje

JNL: If you had to describe your music in one sentence what would you say?

W: My music is like a magical potion, blending powerhouse vocals with infectious beats to make your heart dance and your spirit soar.

JNL: You’ve got an EP coming up, what’s something you tried to change or do differently for this project?

W: I tried to experiment more with Afrobeats and playfully blend that with my vocals as well as release this EP Exclusively first with Gala Music.

JNL: What were you trying to accomplish artistically with this EP?

W: I am creatively exploring different musical genres, reaching out to a broader audience and to stay current in the ever-evolving music industry.

JNL: How has your release strategy of releasing first on Gala Music worked out so far? 

W: Super amazing!!! Wow! Being introduced to a new audience is what every artist desires. The support has been phenomenal.

JNL: In general, how has your approach to music creation changed over time?

W: I am enjoying collaborating with other songwriters and producers to express my emotions and experiences through my music. Additionally, I experiment more with different genres and production techniques to stay connected to a more diverse audience. Overall, my approach to music creation could be characterized by a constant pursuit of artistic growth, authenticity, and meaningful expression.

JNL: Through Waje’s Safe House, you’ve invested a lot of time into many humanitarian efforts, why do you believe it’s important to use your musical platform to champion humanitarian causes?

W: It allows me to use my influence for positive change and make a tangible difference in the lives of others one community at a time.

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JNL: What’s a feature of Nigerian culture that inspires you the most musically?

W: One feature of Nigerian culture that inspires me musically is the rich diversity of traditional rhythms, melodies, and instruments. Incorporating these elements into my music adds depth, authenticity, and a unique cultural flavor that resonates with listeners around the world.

JNL: How has being a mother inspired and shaped the way you write music?

W: I search deep into my core and think “Can I defend these words?” If it’s a yes then I’m good.

JNL: What’s your biggest dream/goal for the future?

W: I want to inspire and empower my audience through my music, while also making a tangible difference in the world, especially younger African Female Talent. Ultimately to leave a lasting legacy of positivity, love, and meaningful impact.

To support Waje and listen to her new EP you can check it out on Gala here.

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