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New Year, Self-Care For A New YOU!

New Year, Self-Care For A New YOU!

Out with the old in with taking care of you. Within this past year, a lot of people have decided to put their self-care at the top of their priorities. No more allowing toxic or stressful things and people to bring them down. With the stress of 2020, why not spend the top of the new year showing self-love and receive assistance in improving your self-care (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically).

Luckily, I found a few products that could be a great addition to your self-care routine. Not only did I want to share these tips with my community but with CBS 2 Chicago viewers too. That video will be published once it airs this morning.

In the meantime, the links are below for those that caught the segment and wanted some more details on the products/apps that were presented.


(also available in a fragrance-free formula) is the latest addition to the Olay Regenerist collection.
PRICE: Under $30

Olay Regenerist is a great addition to your “Beauty Self-Care” routine. It’s formulated with Moisture Lock Technology to provide luxurious hydration without the luxury price tag. 28% of women desire more moisture all-day long from their skincare without the heavy and greasy tradeoffs. Designed with this in mind, this moisturizer is formulated with a special shea butter blend to provide long-lasting moisturization in a rich and creamy texture, without a greasy look or feel.

Available on for under $30, or check out your local retailer for curbside pickup!

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PRICE: $9.99/month

Let’s press the reset button in 2021 and renew ourselves of bigger & better things. With CURE.FIT everyone can feel good in their own bodies! CURE.FIT is a new wellness app that offers interactive on-demand workouts including strength training, barre, yoga, kickboxing, and more. There are meditation programs to reduce stress and improve sleep. They also provide a rich library of nutrition to keep you on track.


Most Days is built to help you understand what you need to do to improve your life and achieve change. It’s an app offering self-care for mental physical and emotional wellness. They offer a library of routines created by noted health & wellness experts. You can also track your progress with data and it creates an individual community of support. This app is great for those that need mental health care without the astronomical price. Available on the app store & Android soon.

PRICE: Under $15

When life gets hectic and stress sets in Tranquini has you covered! Tranquini is a new adaptogen-infused drink with ingredients sourced from nature. It helps to reduce stress/anxiety and increase focus and mental relaxation. Tranquini is infused with natural flavors such as Chamomile, Lavender, and Lemon Balm. It’s low in sugar, non-alcoholic, and caffeine-free.

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