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New Apartment Tour!

New Apartment Tour!

Back in July, I decided that it was a good idea to move during a pandemic! Not! LOL. Despite the difficulty in that transition, I made it into my new home safely. I use to live in Bridgeport, located on Chicago’s southside. For over six years, I was content in my small two-bedroom apartment. The neighborhood was quiet, family-friendly, and affordable but my landlord… that’s another story. It was definitely time to move around. During my search, I was adamant that I had to have a new construction apartment with a modern style.

Before the lockdown, I found a small one-bedroom in Andersonville (Northside of Chicago) which I thought was PERFECT! It had the location and style that I was looking for. After the in-person tour, I was excited to move forward with filling out the application. I assumed that since it was the weekend my chances of getting it were greater. Because who’s looking for an apartment on the weekend, right? I was sadly mistaken. Due to my procrastination, I lost out on that apartment to a more eager applicant who filled their application out in under an hour.

Honestly, I cried. I don’t know if I was PMS’in or the magnitude of the pandemic was looming over me but I was bawling my eyes out about losing out on that spot. After getting over it, the universe put into my path another one bedroom. This time it was located in the West Loop, extremely close to my favorite smoothie spot (Jubliee Juice). Despite finding a spot in a prime location and falling in love with the apartment, something didn’t feel right about it to me for a couple of reasons. The main reason was that in my heart I knew that I needed a two-bedroom and I couldn’t swallow paying close to $300 for parking.

While in the process of signing the new lease at the West Loop location, my agent emailed a place that was the perfect fit. Two-bedrooms, two-baths, a huge balcony, and lots of other amenities. I immediately set up a tour and ran over to check it out that same morning. Literally, I had not showered or anything! I had to have this place. I knew that it was “my apartment”. After checking it out, I knew better than to wait to do anything. As soon as I got home I filled out the application and had all the necessary paperwork ready. Waiting for the approval was painstakingly long, but well worth it once I heard the words “You got it!”

With all the bad news circulating, it was nice to hear something uplifting for once. I had over a month to prepare for my new digs. I spent all that time buying furniture and decor for the apartment so it can be livable upon move in. Thankfully, everything went smoothly! I’m sharing this story with you because I wanted you to know about the power of manifestation, patience, and hard work. I try to find the lesson in everything I do so I can share those lessons with you.

I’m excited to share with you my New Apartment tour. It’s still a work in progress but it’s also the place I call…home.

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