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Millennials are Facing Backlash on TikTok for Remodeling Victorian Homes

Millennials are Facing Backlash on TikTok for Remodeling Victorian Homes

Buying your first home in this economy is not only a major accomplishment, but also an opportunity to express your creativity. As a new homeowner, you can look forward to designing and decorating your space however you’d like. The dominant trend for the past two decades has been for millennials to buy or renovate homes to be visually white, clean, and modern. But in recent years, there’s been a divide between those who particularly appreciate that simplistic and clean style, and those who prefer to buy older homes with their original trimmings.

Restoration vs. Renovation

While marble countertops, steel furnishings, and clutter-free spaces are trademarks of a typical “millennial home,” there are many young homeowners who opt to buy older houses — and many still who document that process online. TikTok creator @rosemarydeerlodge uploads TikToks of her mansion that she purchased in March 2021 and shares her journey as she restores and renovates her beautiful home.

Many followers have expressed their appreciation for her decision to not tear down the original features of the home.

TikTok creator @victorianmanor shares similar content, documenting the process of restoring their Victorian home.

Much like the previous creator, comments agreed with the homeowner’s decision to not strip away the Victorian’s original structure and design.

So what happens when homeowners decide to go the opposite route and instead transform an older home into a modern millennial dream? The feedback from the public is much different when a homeowner remodels instead of restores a house. Tiktok creators @floridaflipsters and @jesslightly also record and share their experiences in remodeling their old homes. But their content is met with negative feedback as they remove any indications of what was.

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What Led to Millennials’ Obsession With Minimalism?

From December 2007-June 2009, the U.S. underwent a financial recession. Across the nation, lower and middle-class families went through times of rebuilding and making do with what they had. Those affected included young millennials, who were struggling to find a job after graduating college. With many carrying college debt, “DIY” or “Do It Yourself” projects to refurbish furniture became increasingly popular. This not only sparked interest for the tight-budgeted millennial, but also led to the creation of reality TV shows on HGTV and E! like Flip or Flop and Property Brothers. The homes found on these shows broadcasted the beauty in simplicity. Budget-friendly furniture stores for struggling, single, college students like Ikea and Wayfair also gained popularity during this time. These harmless and subtle avenues that come from mass media, and capitalism, influenced millennials across the nation to desire simplicity and minimalism.

So what’s all the fuss regarding homeowners’ choices to remodel or restore? Social media is a tool that’s used to express a person’s ideas and creations, so many homeowners use social media to showcase the journey of transforming their houses or share shortcuts and “how-to’s” when it comes to designing a home. Still, like any social media user, this opens them up to the scrutiny of public opinion.

Whatever the case, we think you should design your home how you see fit. If you enjoy the simplicity of living in a bright and white-walled house, that’s your choice. If you enjoy the uniqueness of living in a bold-colored home with funky décor, that’s also your choice. Enjoy being a homeowner and living in a space that is most comfortable and inspiring to you.

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