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Look Super Chic With Only $10 & Two Accessories!

Look Super Chic With Only $10 & Two Accessories!

Confession: I’m extremely lazy when it comes to fashion! I don’t possess the traditional fashion characteristics that someone in my profession would have but {sigh} I have to be honest. Not only am I lazy, I hate shopping. People are always complementing me on my fashion forwardness and I feel like I’m a fashion i (con). Despite my fraudulent love for fashion, I still have people inquire about my style so I’m going to sharing.

I’m always thinking of cheap and easy ways to look chic all year round. I’ve discovered two accessories that do the trick: Sunglasses & Scarves.

Yes! That’s it! A nice pair of shades and a scarf can take your outfit from geek to chic. (No disrespect to the geeks)

I’ve found some budget friendly options that won’t break the bank but will still allow you to be fashion forward. Fellas can benefit from this fashion tip too. Depending on your personal style you can add one or both items to create some dimensions to your outfit.

Generally, I will jazz up my simplistic style with trendy items to give it extra flair as seen below. I paired a blush lightweight Oblong Viscose Frayed scarf and black round tinted sunglasses with a basic black knit sweater and moto jacket. To switch up the look I swapped out the blush scarf with a plaid scarf, as well as, a plush black scarf.

Price Tag: Sunglasses + Scarf = $10

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What are your favorite pieces of clothing that help you from geek to chic? Comment below and let me know!


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