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Last Minute Unique Christmas Gifts For 2021

Last Minute Unique Christmas Gifts For 2021

Well, Christmas is next week. It seems like it was just Thanksgiving last week. If you are scrambling and still don’t know what you are going to get your family this holiday season, I got you! I headed over to Daytime Chicago to share with you and their viewers some last minute unique gifts to add to your shopping cart for Christmas.

Bronze Glory creates natural, high quality products that tackle common skincare issues while also striving to provide a luxury spa-like experience at home. With unique formulations specialized for melanated skin, Bronze Glory provides a complete regimen that restores skin to its natural glory.

Hosting both high quality and natural ingredients designed to target common skin issues, Bronze Glory has developed a line of products that are essential to cultivating and maintaining a radiant completion. Each item in the collection is vegan, cruelty free, and ethically sourced, providing you with a clear conscience along with clear and nourished skin.

Available on Bronze Glory’s website


Providing Soothing Warmth And Aromatic Comfort To Millions Worldwide Since 1995. The set includes: Giraffe Plush, Tawny Eye Mask, Tawny Neck Wrap, Tawny Slippers and Giraffe Plush.

Warmies® Large 13” Plush are fully microwavable to provide hours of soothing warmth and comfort. Giraffe Warmies (13″) is scented with real dried French lavender and perfectly weighted for a positive sensory experience. Warmies make an ideal gift for all ages.

Tawny Eye Mask: Warmies® Eye Masks (8.5”) are microwavable and gently scented with French lavender for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Simply warm in a microwave for 60 seconds for a peaceful night’s sleep or chill in the freezer to rejuvenate tired eyes.

Tawny Neck Wrap: Warmies® Neck Wraps (19”) are microwavable and gently scented with French lavender for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Simply warm in a microwave or chill in the freezer to relieve stress and soothe everyday aches and pains.

Tawny Slippers: Warmies® Slippers are fully microwavable and gently scented with real French lavender for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Made with luxurious soft faux fur, they are perfect for relieving stress and soothing tired, aching feet. Simply pop them in a microwave to provide up to an hour of soothing warmth and comfort. Fits women’s sizes 6-10 U.S.

Warmies & other natural products can be found at


Give the gift of jewelry this holiday season.

Established in New York City by Tanya Nigdelian in 2019, Trésor (translation: “treasure”) by Tanya, re-invents luxury accessories with affordable, yet quality made, handbags, jewelry and accessories that are attainable to the every day trendy woman. Their priority is to offer quality products, exceptional customer experience, and quick shipping with every purchase!

Shop now at

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Cask & Kettle is a women-owned spirits brand! Did you know that less than 4% of spirits companies are owned and run by women? So, being a women-owned brand is pretty remarkable. The founders, who are friends, and business colleagues were in a meeting when someone joked they wished they had booze in their coffee. The business was swiftly founded after that initial idea and is now thriving with five flavors available online and in many big retailers like Walmart, Meijer, World Market, Kroger, and several specialty stores. There is a store locator on their website

You can also buy the product on their website: to be shipped to all states except AL, AR, MA, MI, MS, NC, OK, OR, SD, TN, UT, or VT

Cask & Kettle is a tasty way to carve out some time to yourself and relax. Everything needed to craft a complete, decadent cocktail is in the pod. The founders have worked hard to create a tasty experience that doesn’t need a lot of prep work. If you want to dress it up a bit, there are several ways to do that and there are some recipes on their website – everything from boozy cupcake frosting to a yummy salad dressing with a kick. Simply pop one of the single serve cups into your brewing system and a smooth, aromatic hot cocktail is ready in seconds. No brewer? No problem – hot water is all that’s needed. Many people find Cask & Kettle makes a great gift instead of a boring bottle of wine. The package is purposefully designed to be attractive for gift-giving or setting out on the counter. It’s a terrific and different hostess gift or gift for a friend at work. Or, people use them to offer a lot of variety during a party without having to buy and store a bunch of half-left bottles after the party is over. You can set up a Keurig with different creamers, ice cream, etc, and let people choose what they’d like. Again, no Keurig, no problem – a carafe of hot water does the trick too.


Cold Brew Coffee Just Got Faster for the Coffee Lovers! The Vinci Express Cold Brew Coffee Maker allows you to make homemade cold brew coffee in just minutes instead of waiting the traditional 12-24 hours. There are 4 coffee brew strengths to choose from – select from Light (5 Minutes), Medium (10 Minutes), Bold (15 Minutes), or Extra Bold (25 Minutes). Vinci’s patented Circle Flow brewing technology ensures a fast, bold, delicious cold brew with a smooth, clean, and virtually sediment-free finish. Brew, Serve & Store in One Container – Compact for easy storage in the refrigerator for up to 10-days. Includes two lids- one for brewing and one for storing. Includes a clean setting that flushes residual coffee from the unit, then cleans with fresh water, and drains the brew path for the most hygienic brewing.

I hope this list of products is useful for everyone, especially you last minute shoppers.

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