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John Leguizamo Still on Blast After Congratulating Colman Domingo on Oscar Nomination

John Leguizamo Still on Blast After Congratulating Colman Domingo on Oscar Nomination

Within the past week, both The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts and John Wick star John Leguizamo have come under fire for ignoring Afro-Latino actor Colman Domingo‘s Oscar Nomination despite recognizing other Latin nominees.

Following immediate praise for Honduran-American actress America Ferrera’s Oscar nomination for her role in Barbie as well as Mexican-American singer Becky G‘s nomination for “Best Original Song”, social media users noted a lack of celebration for Domingo, who is of Belizean and Guatemalan descent.

Domingo earned extensive praise and support from Twitter after being the first Afro-Latino and openly gay actor nominated for an Oscar in “Best Actor in a Leading Role.” He was nominated for his performance in Rustin, a biographical film surrounding Martin Luther King Jr.’s advisor Bayard Rustin. The National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts issued a formal congratulation to Domingo after Twitter users accused the foundation of ignoring Afro-Latin accomplishments.

Colombian actor and Latin-inclusion advocate John Leguizamo faced similar backlash following his silence regarding Domingo’s nomination, with Twitter insinuating both he and the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts were anti-black.

One Twitter user commented that he was “gate-keeping” the Latino community.

Though Leguizamo began posting celebratory posts for Domingo, social media users are still skeptical and critical of his sudden support. Some claim his celebratory posts are simply a way to smooth over the situation.

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Some are also skeptical of his sudden support for Domingo because of his past dismissal of When They See Us former co-star Jharrel Jerome‘s Emmy win in 2019. Jerome is also Afro-Latino and of Haitian-Dominican descent.

Domingo has yet to comment on the situation, instead sharing his endearing reaction to his nomination. He says he and his husband began crying tears of joy.

The Oscars will be taking place on March 10, 2024 at 6pm Central Time. Tune in on ABC to watch the full ceremony.

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