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James Patterson Completes Unfinished Michael Crichton Novel

James Patterson Completes Unfinished Michael Crichton Novel

Michael Crichton and James Patterson's book, Eruption

On June 3, Jurassic Park writer Michael Crichton released a new book with help from modern thriller novelist James Patterson — 16 years after Crichton’s untimely death.

In November of 2008, Crichton passed from laryngeal cancer, which he had been fighting privately. The author was 66.

Following the end of the Jurassic Park novels, Crichton started a new manuscript in 2004. When his widow, Sherri Crichton, found it, she entrusted it to the acclaimed hands of Patterson. Working with Crichton’s unfinished draft, Patterson and Sherri completed the novel. Eruption is now available and currently sits at #2 on Amazon Charts.

The book is about a volcano in Hawaii set to make history with its imminent eruption. More terrifying than the volcano, though, is a secret kept hidden by the U.S. military.

“[Eruption] brought in every element of what he loves to do so much,” Sherri told FOX News, “and I just had to move forward and find a way to do that.”

Sherri knew that Patterson could finish the manuscript in a way that would honor Crichton’s story and his craft. Patterson, a Crichton fan himself, took on the challenge. Sherri said Patterson’s work was “seamless.”

He did a brilliant job of taking Michael’s voice and carrying it all the way through.

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“[Patterson] did a brilliant job of taking Michael’s voice and carrying it all the way through,” Sherri said.

When Crichton died, Sherri was pregnant with their son, John Michael. Sherri is now the CEO of CrichtonSun, and she works to preserve her husband’s work and legacy after his death, especially for their son and Crichton’s daughter, Taylor.

The three Michael Crichton novels released after his death.

Sherri has helped publish two other books of Crichton’s following his death, both recovered from his computer. Pirate Latitudes was published in 2009 and Dragon Teeth in 2017.

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