Gone are the days when you get a job solely on your educational background. We are now in a time where being technology savvy can take you further than any degree. In media, it actually reigns supreme. I’ve met many aspiring broadcasters that don’t see the value in technology. So I’m going to share how technology keeps you savvy in this business.

    Be Ahead Of The Game

    If you work in media, you’ve noticed that everything moves fast. Staying of abreast of news, trends and information keeps you on top of the game. But being technology savvy allows you to be ahead of the game. There’s a lot that most don’t know about the tech world. Those that are well aware of how it works have a stronger advantage in the job market as well as financial security.

    Job Skills

    Did you know that you could get a job as a Social Media Manger? Graphic Designer? Website Developer? These positions are a huge necessity since there’s a higher demand for brands to establish a web presence. Being savvy with html coding, Instagram or Facebook can allow you to secure a lucrative contract. The best things about obtaining these skills is:  1. You can work from home  and 2. You can own your own business.

    Changes In Media

    If you plan on being a radio or TV personality then be prepared for the change in your job description. Most radio personalities have to blog, keep up with their social media accounts, run a board, produce…etc. If you watched my video with Kristina Kage, we discussed her additional responsibilities besides just being a personality. Employers are now requiring broadcasters to have more than one skill. The paradigm has shifted. You’ll now see one person doing the job of two or three. Michelle Relerford also shared insight on the changes with TV news. Change is good but can cost you your job. Don’t get left behind because you’re not tech savvy.

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