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Extravagant Prom Entrances That Celebrate Black Beauty

Extravagant Prom Entrances That Celebrate Black Beauty

girl smiling at prom in a crowd of dancers

If you’re a TikTok addict, you’ve definitely seen hundreds of cute prom videos on your For You Page recently. From adorable outfit transitions to promposals, high school sweethearts and friends always go all out with matching dresses and suits for the big night. Whether they’re into mystical gardens, elegant balls, a night out at the club or The Hunger Game’s capitol, prom is the place to express everyone’s unique style.

The Black community specifically is re-defining prom by blessing our feeds with stylish, flamboyant and elaborate prom outfit reveals. Some involve musical numbers and dances while others boast fancy backdrops.

Woman wearing a bright yellow dress and tiara with yellow balloons behind her, similar to other Prom 2024 looks.
For many young Black women, prom’s sentiment is similar to quinceañeras or sweet sixteens, hence why many girls rock ultra-glamorous outfits. (Photo from Pexels)

TikTok user Da’Janique explains the significance behind prom as a coming-of-age moment for Black women.

In celebration of prom and Black beauty, we’ve gathered our favorite TikTok prom entrance themes that embody the essence of radiant and out-of-the-box prom fashion.

Fun Backdrops

TikTok user Charlene Harris-Full’s daughter went all out with a custom-made, mint green gown. She was giving ice queen and baddie vibes as she sashayed onto a black carpet on her lawn. A black backdrop with shiny balloons and a glittering “Prom 2024” sign completed her celebratory entrance.

Another user, Quas Tutus, also boasted a vibrant blue velvet carpet and fun backdrop with balloons for his prom date. In matching blue and white fits, he honored his prom date, Riyah, who wore an eclectic blue ruffled skirt and an elaborate embroidered top.

What made the video even cuter was the fact the couple’s backdrop featured a photo of Riyah holding balloons, giving her all the attention and an unforgettable prom entrance.

Performance Art and Face Masks

TikTok user April Daniels took a truly avant-garde approach to her prom entrance, blossoming in a sparkling red dress and clutch. Beside her, two men in red suits with rose face coverings and red umbrellas. There’s no better way to describe the look, so you’ll just have to watch the video below.


MuckCityProm2024 TheyDefAteDown🌹🤌🏾🌹@mxx #FYP#VIRAL#561DownSouth. @LouchiiAnno🐐🔥 THEE STYLIST‼️

♬ Can I Call You Rose? (Cover) – SOLOMON

Best friends who come through for your prom entrance are ride or dies for life. TikTok user NOONIE went all out with three girls debuting her entrance with a synchronized dance number. The prom princess sauntered out in front of balloons wearing a Jessica Rabbit esque gown with a sparkling red face scarf and tiara.


PROM READY ‼️ She ate n left no crumbs ❤️❤️ #fyp #viral @Azariya oshanna👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

♬ Prom Walkout – NOONIE

A third couple wore matching white and orange fits, with the girl sporting a silver sparkling face mask, a common theme this year.

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Luxury Cars and Parade Floats

Lastly, we have literal parade floats and fancy whips pulling up to prom. Students from Miami Northwestern High School rolled up in luxury sports cars and SUVs, flaunting everything from backup dancers in feathered head pieces, sparklers and suits with sparkling blue hoods.

The students were definitely hosting their own Met Gala, and we’re here for it.


WOW WOW WOWUH!!! THEY DIDN’T COME TO PLAY AND I AM HERE FOR IT ALL!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍 @everyone @highlight #fyp #foryou #foryourpage #prom2024

♬ Heart filled black – Ac Kool

TikTok user pryt_keah2 posted footage of prom couples posing and dancing on a literal parade float. Prom goers flexed their cash, fancy jewelry and bright outfits. Face masks made another entrance and every single girl looked fabulous. We’re a little jealous.


NO SCHOOL‼️ Seeing Blanche Ely nie clock it🤏🏾🤣 #fyp #viral #pryt_keah #prom2024 #blanchely

♬ Talk My Shit – BossMan Dlow

Want to show us your own prom looks? Comment down below and show us your own prom fits!

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