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Chatting About ‘Money Matters’ With Angela Yee

Chatting About ‘Money Matters’ With Angela Yee

About a year and a half ago, Angela Yee was in Chicago touring for her podcast “Lip Service”. During that time we tried coordinating an in-person interview but it did not seem to work out. So, when it was announced that The Breakfast Club Co-Host, Angela Yee and Stacey Tisdale, award-winning on-air financial journalist, and Founder of Mind Money Media launched a new platform –, I jumped the chance at trying to interview her.

As a black female freelance journalist, I’ve admired Yee and her work for quite some time. I love how she’s achieved so much in a male-dominated industry. Not only does she own a Juice Bar in Brooklyn but she’s a podcaster, and in 2020 just launched a new show on FOX SOUL called Established. Now she has a new (business) baby,, which focuses on helping African Americans build personal, generational, and community wealth.

Users on will be able to connect to free financial counseling, small business advice, and credit counseling, as well as participate in webinars, and virtual events. Visitors will be encouraged to take the Team Wealth Wednesdays Pledge which will allow them to participate in weekly, actionable, educational content to help them align their financial choices with their highest goals and priorities.

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In celebration of the #TeamWealthWednesday launch, I got to speak to Angela Yee about money matters and ways to start becoming financially free. Click the video above to watch!

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