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Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Adult Easter Basket Ideas

Who says Easter is a holiday that’s just for the kids? Your days of hunting colorful eggs filled with candy may be over, although I hope you’re still enjoying a Cadbury Egg or two this season. And why limit yourself to candy? You’re a grownup with grown-up tastes.

This Easter, I’ve compiled a basket full of goodies that will put Peeps to shame. (Does anyone really like Peeps, anyways?) Trade up from jelly beans to luxurious moisturizer, coffee with an adult twist, and other household treats you’ll love. Send this segment to the Easter Bunny in your life or hop on over to the store and create your own Easter basket!

I wish you and yours a HOPPY Easter filled with the treats you love! When Easter rolls around, you’ll find me sipping a mug of Cask & Kettle if you need me!


Make adulting less stressful and provide an easier Easter clean-up with this new smart, lightweight vacuum. Key features: 5 power levels of suction power to clean up an array of messes. Anti-entanglement design reduces hair/pet hair entanglement. Has a long run time and easy to store!
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Its official Spring! Allergies can put a damper on a fun Easter holiday at home with the family. Levoit’s Core 600S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier Uses HEPASmart technology which helps create a cleaner, healthier home. Capture particles such as pollen, dust and more. It’s equipped with smart technology, giving real-time air quality readings, allows users to control settings, create schedules, and access voice assistants to customize indoor air quality.Works with Alexa and Googlevoice Assistant. The powerful, smart controlled air purifier designed for large rooms purifying air in a 3,177 ft room in 1 hour.

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Cask & Kettle is a women-owned spirits brand! Did you know that less than 4% of spirits companies are owned and run by women? So, being a women-owned brand is pretty remarkable. The founders, who are friends, and business colleagues were in a meeting when someone joked they wished they had booze in their coffee. The business was swiftly founded after that initial idea and is now thriving with five flavors available online and in many big retailers like Walmart, Meijer, World Market, Kroger, and several specialty stores. There is a store locator on their website

You can also buy the product on their website: to be shipped to all states except AL, AR, MA, MI, MS, NC, OK, OR, SD, TN, UT, or VT


Perfect for an at-home spa day.They offer anti-aging skincare products packed with sustainably harvested seaweed. Their Detox Bath Kit is the perfect item to upgrade your home spa ritual
They just added to their line: ECO DEFENSE DAILY MOSITURIZER with SPF 45, which keeps skin highly nourished, hydrated and glowing after a nice warm bath. The main ingredients is Aloe Vera which is organic and locally grown at their lab. Aloe Vera is known to prevent and soothe sunburn and works as an anti-inflammatory.Perfect for outdoor Easter activities or spring travel

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