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50 Cent Visits Capitol Hill to Discuss Black Representation in the Liquor Industry

50 Cent Visits Capitol Hill to Discuss Black Representation in the Liquor Industry

50 Cent and Ben Crump meet with congress members on capitol hill on june 5

Curtis Jackson, better known to fans as 50 Cent, paid a visit to Capitol Hill on June 5 to discuss the advancement of Black entrepreneurship and representation in the multi-billion dollar liquor industry. 

The Grammy-award-winning artist was joined by Ben Crump, one of the foremost civil rights attorneys in the United States. 50 Cent and Crump met with several lawmakers of both political parties including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and current speaker of the House Mike Johnson. They also met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. 

“Mr. Jackson is one of the most successful Black entrepreneurs in America,” Crump said of 50 Cent in a press conference during their visit. “We’re here today to talk about how he’s trying to knock down barriers of equal access and equal opportunity to have a seat at the table in all industries.” 

Though 50 Cent advocated for Black business owners on a broader scale, his trip also came in the wake of an ongoing legal battle involving own liquor company, Sire Spirits.

Founded by the rapper in 2014, Sire Spirits is known for its premium champagne and cognac brands. Since its inception, the company has been heavily awarded and recently sparked a partnership as the Official Spirit of the Orlando Magic.

Despite its success, 50 Cent’s company has been locked in a legal battle with Suntory, another spirits company, since earlier this year. The lawsuit alleges that Suntory embezzled millions of dollars from Sire Spirits by overcharging, causing the brand to overpay on the product, taxes, insurance, and customs and duties. It further alleges that Suntory profited nearly $6 million from this overcharge, though the company has refuted any wrongdoing. 

50 Cent made his intentions to speak on the ongoing issue clear, tweeting before his visit that he would share with the Congressional Black Caucus how Suntory had “damaged” his business. 

After his visit had concluded, 50 Cent told press that he felt his trip was productive. “I went to talk to them about economic opportunities for everybody, and it’s really exciting,” he said.  “The response I got makes me feel like there are bright days ahead of us.”

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