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3 Things You Can Actually Learn From People Who Won’t Help You

3 Things You Can Actually Learn From People Who Won’t Help You

When you are trying to pursue your dreams it’s common to endure stumbling blocks. Lack of finances, knowledge and resources can be a real downer while trying to become a successful business owner. Throughout your pursuit, you come across helpful and unhelpful people. Don’t get me wrong, receiving help is not a requirement throughout your journey. You can’t always expect people to help you if you don’t have it together. However, there will be moments that you have everything lined accordingly and you still can’t get people to give you a chance. Instead of taking things negatively, you can put a spin on it and learn something from the situation. Since I’ve been doing this for eight years, I’ve learned a few things about people who don’t help you. So I’d like to share: 3 Things You Can Actually Learn From People Who Won’t Help You.

1. How Not To Be: Trying to get into the mindset of an unhelpful individual is really a waste of time. Once you have identified an unhelpful person, take a step back and just analyze their behavior. Take notes, so you know how not to be once you reach a level of success. Blessings come to those who pay it forward. Since you’ve been through the struggle, you can identify how you felt when you didn’t receive help. So don’t repeat the negative cycle.

“It’s what you do when no one is looking that matters the most. How can you not want to help someone else especially when people are hungry and thirsty for knowledge?”V103’s Bioncé Foxx (during a recent interview)

2. Determination: Believe or not, a lot of successful people become highly determined because someone told them “NO!” or wouldn’t help them to the next level. From Steve Jobs to Oprah, they all have a story about someone not helping or believing in them. Sometimes a persons lack of assisting adds fuel to my fiery passion & determination. In my mind I think two things (if a person won’t help or says no): 1. I’m talking to the wrong person or 2. Keep going until you find the person that says “YESSSS”. Negative Nelly’s, eat crow! Speaking of talking to the wrong person, that goes into my next lesson.


3. Mr./Mrs. Connected Is Unconnected: There are some people that like to feel so important that they’re delusion on who or what they know. The more you start networking in your respective field, you’ll learn quickly who really has strong connections and who doesn’t. Generally if a person is not willing to help you that’s a tell-tale sign that they don’t know or lack the connections that they claimed to have to help you. This person can be dangerous because they’re the biggest time wasters. To avoid this kind of person, here’s some warning signs:

-They can’t seem to connect you with the person they promised to connect you with: I’ve found most people that are helpful, do things with ease. Whether it’s sending an email to the appropriate person or passing along information.

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-They ignore follow up emails, calls or other forms of contact: When they can’t connect you, they’d rather ignore you.

In conclusion, continue to pursue your dreams despite any obstacles that might come your way. Turn your situation with an unhelpful person to a helpful life lesson. I hope some of the information that I’ve provided helps you in some way.


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