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    On several occasions, I’ve worked with the producers of Fatal Attraction on TV One. You may have caught me on a few episodes providing commentary on several cases. A couple months ago, I worked with them on the Nailah Franklin case.

    Fatal Attraction on TV One
    This tragic story hit home for a lot of Chicagoans. I remember when a few of my Facebook friends talked about her disappearance and then mourned her loss.

    If you watched TV One last night, then you caught me on your TV screen. I completely forgot to give you guys a heads up about the episode. However, I appreciate the supporters who reached out and complimented me.

    Hi Nekia, I was watching you talk about the death of Nailah Franklin in 2007 on the show Fatal Attraction on TV ONE…

    Posted by Gloria Kellum-Bell on Monday, September 19, 2016

    To see a re-run of the episode, tune into Fatal Attraction on TV One or check your local listings.

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