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Top 5 Trendiest Entertainment Moments Of 2021

Top 5 Trendiest Entertainment Moments Of 2021

The entertainment industry has always shocked us throughout the years. From the OJ Simpson car chase to the death of the Wakanda icon, Chadwick Boseman, each year there’s an impactful moment that we just will always remember. 2021 wasn’t any different, there were a lot of trendy topics in entertainment. I got a chance to talk about the “Top 5 Trendiest Entertainment Moments of 2021” on NewsNation Now.

The K-Kulture Kraze
From K-pop music to films has dominated American culture this year! The South Korean television sensation Squid Game was released on Netflix on September 17 and instantly became one of the biggest pop culture moments of the year.

Couple Brake-ups, Make-ups and New Romances
In Feb, Kim Kardashian and Ye announced their divorce. Rumors have been swirling that Kim has been hooking up with Pete Davidson and now there has been some buzz that after dating briefly, Ye wants his ex back.

A relationship that defined the early 90’s rekindled, when Bennifer 2.0 returned. Both fresh out of a relationship, Jennifer split from Alex Rodriguez and Ben split from Ana De Armas, the pair decided to reignite the flame in April.
We also saw in the summer a sizzling hot romance blossom between Zendaya & Tom Holland. Paris Hilton, as well as, Ariana Grande tied the knot to their respective beaus.

Reboots, Reunions & Farewells
This was definietly the year for reboots and reunions of nostalgic 90’s TV shows/films. In May, The cast of hit TV show Friends were reunited 17 years after the final episode aired in May 2004. And Just Like That (Sex & The City Reboot) recently returned sans Kim Catrall. We said farewell to Ellen after she ended her show after 19 seasons. And after 5 seasons, viewers said a bittersweet farewell to Insecure on Sunday Dec. 26th. Created by Issa Rae, the show had such a profound influence on the black culture, leaving behind a lifelong legacy,

Megan Markle & Prince Harry
In one of the most-watched television events of the decade, Prince Harry and a very pregnant Meghan Markle sat down with talk show host, Oprah Winfrey, for a tell-all interview. The pair discussed their wedding, relationship, children and mental-health struggles. The internet was buzzing for weeks about this epic interview.

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Britney Spears Being Freed From Her Conservatorship
Freed from conservatorship after 13 years. The hashtag #FreeBritney became a huge moment after fans noticed something wasn’t right with Spears via social media. The hashtag took full steam once several documentaries were released. The Pop Princess also candidly opened up about the alleged abuse she endured.

That wraps up the most trendiest topics in 2021! Comment below and let me know what’s the most trendiest moment you remember this year.

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