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These Mary J. Blige Boots Were Made for Buyin’

These Mary J. Blige Boots Were Made for Buyin’

Mary J. Blige recently collaborated with Giuseppe Zanotti to release a line of her signature gold boots—for over $1,000. Despite the high price tag, the shoes sold out in less than a day.

Many fans online were astounded by the expensive price, believing Blige should have made her boots more affordable for a wider audience. Others defended Blige’s decision to work with a top-end designer.

“Branding is not just a name or logo. It is also pricing, who you collab with, how you want to be perceived, etc.,” Sierra Nicole said on X.

Those who defended Blige’s collab noted how the boots sent a message about Blige’s new audience, with more mature fans who can afford the high price.


These boots are dancery approved. Rumor has it that im still on the dance floor 🪩💅🤩 Mary J Blige x Guiseppe #luxury #newboots #dancingboots #allnightlong #smoothmoves #oldschool #aunties #90s #richauntie #rosegold #dc #maryjbligeboots #everyday

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“Mary J Blige is teaching us a Million Dollar Lesson,” Nicole said on X. “It’s that everybody is NOT your target audience!”

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Blige’s decision to work with Giuseppe came from a long-time partnership with the brand. “The Mary Boot” was designed to convey Blige’s “confidence and glamour but there’s also a warmth and realness to her,” Giuseppe said in a press release about the boots.

Mary J. Blige wearing "The Mary Boots" at the "Strength of a Woman" Festival in May

Blige has a personal love for the company, noting Giuseppe is one of her most frequently worn brands. Giuseppe has crafted special pieces for Blige’s on-stage performances and recently worked with her for the “Strength of a Woman” Festival this month in New York City. Blige wore “The Mary Boot” at this year’s festival.

“I’ve always loved Giuseppe’s aesthetic and how he combines Italian sophistication with this edgy energy,” Blige said in the press release. “We’re so excited to finally share these with the world.”

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