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Spend Halloween with Donkey at Shrek’s Airbnb

Spend Halloween with Donkey at Shrek’s Airbnb


The Overview

In the morning, we are making waffles! This is not a joke! You can really stay for a weekend at this Shrek-themed Airbnb located in the far far away hills of Scotland.

According to Airbnb, the stumpy and secluded swamp is perfect for those who are very much like Shrek. If you love to be disconnected from the world and live in solidarity then this may be the perfect getaway, but remember you won’t be entirely alone! You’ll still have your nonstop-talking host, Donkey.

“Shrek’s Swamp is lovely. Just beautiful. The perfect place to entertain guests,” says Donkey. “You know what I like about it? Everything. The overgrown landscaping, the modest interiors, the nice boulders, all of it. I can’t wait for guests to experience this muddy slice of paradise for themselves.”

While Shrek, Princess Fiona, and the kids are all away, those who book their stay will have the opportunity to engage in what it’s like to live the Ogre life. The Airbnb will be open for reservations starting Oct. 13th and available for a two-night stay from Oct. 27th to Oct. 29th.

About the Airbnb

Like some of us, we probably grew up playing in our backyard or in the woods in our makeshift treehouse. You might have even called it the clubhouse at one point. However, what was once a safe haven for all fairytale creatures, Shrek’s Swamp shares a whole new meaning and nostalgia to the idea of “treehouse.”

Located within the hills of the Scottish Highlands, this DreamWorks-inspired space invites you to relish in charming and rustic interiors, with an outhouse located 20 meters away from the main property.

Here’s what guests can look forward to during their weekend swamp-scape for just £0 a night:


Here’s How to Book Your Stay

Shrek fans can request to book their two-night stay beginning Oct. 13th. In order to book, guests must have an active Airbnb profile and agree to the terms of service. You must be able to provide a government-issued ID upon your reservation. Lastly, all guests must send a full message to the Host when submitting their request to book their stay. The message should include a brief introduction and who will be joining you during your swampcation.

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Additional Information to Keep in Mind

Now hold your onions for just one moment! There is still more information you need to keep in mind when booking Swamp Escape! If you planning to book for the entire family remember that the guest minimum is three people and if you’re including kids the age minimum is five years. This two-night stay is not a contest. Let’s say that again…this is not a contest! So if you’re approved for this swampcation you are responsible for your own travel to and from Scotland.

Lastly, this Airbnb property is independently owned and operated by Ardverikie Estate, in which Universal Studios Licensing LLC was compensated for providing rights to the use of DreamWorks Animation’s SHREK and the Donkey character.

The Key Takeaways

We know there was a lot of information provided here. So, let’s highlight some key takeaways to make it easier.

  • Booking reservations open Oct. 13, 2023.
  • Your max stay is two nights. Oct. 27 to Oct. 29, 2023.
  • You must have an active Airbnb profile.
  • You are responsible for your own travel to and from Scotland.
  • Lastly, your “noble steed” is your host…Donkey!

There you have it, you little ogres! Enjoy those waffles!

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