Virgin Experience Gifts

Virgin Experience Gifts, a prominent US experience gift provider, advocates for life’s enriching stories over accumulating possessions. Dedicated to spreading the joy of experience gifting throughout the US, they offer a diverse range of adventures, from thrilling skydives to relaxing spa days, appealing to various preferences. With a vast selection of nationwide experiences, Virgin Experience Gifts ensures a unique gift for every individual, fostering the magic of unforgettable moments.


  • Instant eVoucher Delivery: Life is busy, they get it. That’s why all of their experiences come with free instant delivery, straight to your inbox (or theirs).
  • Free Exchanges: All our gifts are swappable. Your lucky recipient is welcome to exchange their experience, hassle-free.
  • Flexible Booking: You gift it, they book it. Plain and simple!
  • No Expirations: Memories are the ultimate gift, and Virgin Experience Gifts would never put an expiration on those!


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