Purdy Pail


Discover Purdy®, the top choice for professionals since 1925. Trusted by professional painters and skilled DIYers, Purdy offers high-quality, handcrafted tools, including paintbrushes made by skilled artisans in the USA**. Each brush comes with a yellow sticker signed by the craftsman who made it.

Explore Purdy’s premium range of paintbrushes, roller covers, extension poles, surface preparation tools, and paint accessories, catering to almost every application.

Introducing the Purdy Pail: the ultimate solution for your painting needs.

Featuring multi-grip options to reduce hand fatigue, a ladder hook for hands-free use, and a mini roller rest and ramp to keep your roller out of paint, the Purdy Pail ensures convenience and efficiency. With its integrated brush magnet and one-quart-plus capacity, it’s perfect for any painting project.


  • Multi-grip options to help reduce hand fatigue
  • Hands-free ladder hook bail for added safety
  • Mini roller ramp and rest fits up to 4.5″ mini roller


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