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Prepare For A Thrilling Season Two of ‘Silo’ On Apple TV+

Prepare For A Thrilling Season Two of ‘Silo’ On Apple TV+

Silo Season 2

Apple TV+ is back with a bang as they just announced the renewal of the highly anticipated second season of “Silo.” Brace yourselves for another thrilling ride in this epic dystopian drama, based on the bestselling trilogy by Hugh Howey.

Since its global debut on May 5, “Silo” has taken the world by storm, capturing the hearts of both critics and fans. It’s being hailed as a captivating, star-studded sci-fi series that transcends the genre.

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Every week, the show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, driving an ever-growing fanbase.

It has even achieved the coveted Certified Fresh status on Rotten Tomatoes, thanks to its rich and compelling world-building and the incredible performance delivered by the talented Rebecca Ferguson.

Her portrayal brings an understated gravitas to the lead role, captivating audiences with her every move.

Silo Season 2 Rebecca Ferguson
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“We are beyond thrilled to witness the resounding success of ‘Silo’ as Apple’s number one drama series”.

Matt Cherniss, the head of programming for Apple TV+

About Silo

“Silo” is a mesmerizing tale that unfolds in a world where the last ten thousand survivors on Earth find refuge in a mile-deep underground sanctuary. This world shields them from the toxic and deadly outside environment.

However, the origins of the silo remain a mystery. Those who dare to uncover its secrets face dire consequences.

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On Episode 8: Hanna

In this week’s thrilling new episode, (titled “Hanna”) prepare for a mind-bending revelation! Juliette discovers a different perspective on her family’s past. It’s a pivotal moment that grants her access to the silo’s most closely guarded secrets.

In a world where lies can be deadly and the truth is equally treacherous, she’s about to learn that survival comes at a high cost. The eighth episode of “Silo” premieres globally this Friday on Apple TV+ 

As the first season comes to a close, fans are excited for the renewal of this addictive and thought-provoking series.

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