Pastor John & Aventer Gray are full of blessings! While in Chicago, the power couple even sprinkled some my way. The first blessings arrived when they came by my studio to chat about their new show “The Book of John Gray”. The following blessing was when they shared some words of wisdom.

    The Book of John Gray” is a dramedy docu-series featuring the life of John Gray, associate pastor at Joel Osteen’s world-famous Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.  Known for his loud, hilarious, unconventional and gravitating ways, Gray has traveled the world utilizing his gifts of music, comedy and preaching to help bring people together from all walks of life and share the Gospel in his unique and uncompromising way.  In the new series, Gray will give viewers intimate access into his home life and world renowned ministry as he helps people in his community overcome life challenges, while facing his own relatable struggles as a husband and father. –OWN

    The Gray’s are not only excited about sharing their story with the world but they’re even more thrilled that they get a chance to help people through this journey. I chatted with them about their faith, their new show and John gives the real about phony pastors.

    Make sure you tune in for the premiere on April 15th 10pm ET/PT

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