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Netflix Binge Watch List

Netflix Binge Watch List

All of my close friends understand my love for “Netflix & Chillin’ “by my(damn)self. Seriously. It’s the best thing ever! It’s also the only way to avoid any interruptions while binge watching a TV show or indulging in a movie. So, it’s definietly not uncommon to find me cuddled up in bed alone, snacking on popcorn and watching Netflix.

The problem with Netflix though is the volume of garbage you have to go through to locate the hidden gems. Let me save you some time, by sharing my recent Netflix Binge Watch List:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: This show is currently my favorite! I can’t believe I’m just learning about this hilariously brilliant show. I was a bit skeptical when I saw it has some musical component to it.

Typically, I hate musicals but everything is so well done. Now I actually look forward to the musical numbers. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is witty, humors and addictive. If you liked the hit 90’s show Ally McBeal, then you’ll fall in love with CEG!

Glow: This is a newly released Netflix original so it’s still in the character development stages. However, I think I might be digging the direction it is going by the way I finished 10 episodes in a weekend. It’ll be interesting to see what season 2 brings to this gorgeous-ladies-of-wrestling type show.

Gypsy: Starring the talented Naomi Watts, Gypsy introduces a very dark tale of a psychiatrist who becomes so wrapped up in her patients lives that she might be the one who’s psychotic. Gypsy keeps me intrigued with its unpredictable plot twists. At times I found myself getting frustrated at the main characters choices so I guess that means I’m emotional invested.

Dear White People: Unapologetically and controversially accurate, is the words that came to mind when I watched this film spinoff. I was hesitant to press play but episode one got me woke. Well technically I’ve been secretly woke, I just wrote that for dramatic effect. Ah um, now back to what I was saying. DWP says everything I wish I could say regarding the world and it’s refreshing! Definietly looking forward to season two.

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Comment below and share some Netflix titles you’re binging on so I can add it to my list.



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