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5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Rob Kardashian

5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Rob Kardashian

The title of this post may have you giving me the side eye. But after witnessing the public drama of Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian, I’ve actually learned a few things. Yes, seriously. Before I get into the 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Rob Kardashian, let’s recap the chain of events:

July 5th – Rob took to IG to expose Blac Chyna’s cheating ways. Rob posted naked photos of BC and revealed video footage of her getting surgery after giving birth despite her claims of working out.

Once IG shut down his account, he took to Twitter to finish his rant


The drama has gotten deeper. There has been accusations from both parties of infidelity and abuse which triggered a custody battle and charges being filed. And the drama hasn’t stopped. You can check out TMZ to keep up with this Kardashian.

Now that you’re up to speed on what’s going on let’s put this thing in neutral, so I can break down these life lessons:

Put The Brakes On It: There is nothing wrong with taking things slow in a relationship. Generally when you think that you’ve found the one, you tend to move too fast. Their love can send you on a high as well as make you stupid. Take time to get to know the person before committing and procreating. If you haven’t even had your first big fight and you’re already moving in then you’re moving too fast. Putting the brakes on it allows you to avoid crashing later.

Pay Attention To The Red Flags: If your family and friends are skeptical about your new boo take heed. While you have your head in the clouds, your loved ones can see through the bullshit and can detect when something isn’t quite right. You’re able to detect the red flags, when you’re not not going from 0-100 in your relationship. As Oprah says “Don’t ignore the red flags”. You can feel when someone doesn’t have pure or good intentions. Don’t be a victim! Your desperation to be in love or be loved can be your worst enemy.

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Love You More: Look I’m no therapist but from experience I do know if you don’t love yourself your relationship will suffer. Your desperate need for love and validation opens the door for failure in all relationships. Loving you more allows you to be ok with being alone and doing some soul searching. It also allows you to be strong mentally and emotionally for a relationship. Take time to love yourself more than the person you’re dating because self love is the key to finding true love.

They Have An Ex… But You Can Be The Next: Your new boo tells you about his/her past relationships and you start loathing the ex because of what they did to him/her. Slow down. Use the situation as CarFax. People tend to repeat the same patterns especially when they hop from one relationship to the next. The way they did the ex can be the same way they treat you. Instead of feeling some kind of way about the ex, take notes!

Avoid Making Your Private Life Public: Social media seems to be the commonplace for disagreements, disclosing who you’re sleeping with, who you’re dating and more. My rule of thumb is showcasing bits and pieces of my life, not everything. Surprisingly, Rob allowed his feelings to dictate a situation and publicized his very messy private life. Not a good idea boo! His poor judgement has fueled BC to file a restraining order and lawyer up. If it’s not pain enough to lose the person you love, now the whole world is watching the dispute and adding their two cents. If you can avoid making your private life public then it will be easier for you to heal.

Comment below and let me know if there was anything that you learned from Rob & Blac Chyna’s situation.

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