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N’ Review: iPhone 7 Plus

N’ Review: iPhone 7 Plus

Since I can remember, I’ve been a die hard Andriod user. Nothing could come between me and an Andriod, not even an iPhone. It’s funny how things can change in less than a few months. My world revolves around media so it’s important for me to be on the cutting edge of technology. I recently purchased a Mac for my editing needs and I saw the advantages of incorporating an iPhone into the equation.

Three months ago I purchased the iPhone 7 plus. This phone was my very first iPhone ever.  I wanted to wait some time before I reviewed it. Initially I had plans on using it as a backup phone but that quickly changed when I witnessed all of its features. For the past three months I’ve been using the iPhone 7+ as my main phone. I’m glad I did because this makes my review of it all the more better.

Below you will find a rating scale of things that I found important if others were interested in buying it. I also mentioned a few pros and cons of the device as well as created a photo galley.  You can check out the amazing quality photos here. This will not be a review that is too “techie”. I’ve broken it down in layman’s terms for those that aren’t tech savvy.

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If still have additional questions about the iPhone please comment below or if you’re in the Chicagoland area stop by the T-mobile in Chicago Heights. Ask for Drew and tell him I sent you!

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