In a world saturated with Hip Hop, it’s always nice to find a true R&B artist. Born and raised in Chicago, Bjrnck (pronounced /byoor’nik/ ) is R&B’s newest rising star and is signed to Chicago-based ATS Records in partnership with L.A. Reid’s HITCO Entertainment. Influenced with distinct musical stylings of the Black southern church and the lively essence of the Caribbean culture, Bjrnck’s signature sound is deeply inspired and utterly perfect.

    After spending years building a strong artistry foundation coupled with a strong work ethic, she’s now ready to share her highly anticipated works with the world.  Honing her skills in and out of school and church choirs, she knew early on she wanted to be a musician. She counts her inspirations to be artists Brandy and Usher among others. Her passion for music has driven her to successful auditions on American Idol and The Voice with her focus and drive not letting her give in to the naysayers of the industry. There is power in this young woman and she is here to show the world.

    That’s why I decided to have her on as my guest for #MusicMonday. We touched on her music journey and we even got a chance to hear those pipes live. Such a great way to start off my Monday. Press play on the video to learn more about Bjrnck too.

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