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Luke Tennie Shines A Light On PTSD & Mental Wellness In Shrinking

Luke Tennie Shines A Light On PTSD & Mental Wellness In Shrinking

The upcoming television show Shrinking has been garnering attention for its unique concept and talented cast. Created by Jason Segel and a team of Emmy-winning producers, the show delves into the struggles of a psychiatrist, Jimmy Laird, as he copes with the loss of his wife.

Joining the cast is actor Luke Tennie, who has been making a name for himself in recent years with his performances in the series “Players,” “CSI: Vegas,” “Deadly Class,” and “On The Verge.” He also starred in the feature film “Shock & Awe,” directed by Rob Reiner.

In Shrinking, Luke will play the role of Sean, an Army veteran suffering from PTSD who becomes a patient of Jimmy’s. As Jimmy begins to take on more unorthodox tactics in his treatment style, he starts to work through his own grief with the help of fellow psychiatrist Gaby Evans (played by Jessica Williams) and his patient Sean.

During an interview, Luke said “Being a part of ‘Shrinking’ is an amazing opportunity for me to take on such a unique role and to be a part of a show that is exploring such a thought-provoking concept. I am excited to see how audiences will react to the show and my character’s journey.”

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Luke’s portrayal of Sean is expected to add depth and nuance to the show, as he brings to life the struggles of a PTSD patient with authenticity.

Shrinking airs tomorrow on Apple TV+

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