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Lipcare Routine: How To Achieve Kissable Lips For Your Valentine

Lipcare Routine: How To Achieve Kissable Lips For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is today. Not only does the holiday bring a lot of love and candy but it’s also a reason to get your smooch on. I receive a lot of compliments, from men and women, about my teeth, smile and lips. People are constantly questioning how I get my teeth so white or what I use to keep my lips soft. With so many inquiries about my routines and in preparation for your Valentine’s Day smooch session,  I decided to create a post surrounding what I do to achieve kissable lips.


In a previous post, I stressed how important your water intake is to maintain hydrated skin. The same applies to your lips. If you pay attention, your lips will get chapped when you’re not drinking enough liquids. Since my job requires me to do a lot of talking, I keep a water bottle with me at all times. I found that sipping water throughout the day keeps my lips nice and supple.


Ladies, using any lip gloss that has glitter in it is the end of having kissable lips. Glitter balms dry out your lips like the Sahara Desert. If you plan on using any type of glitter balm I suggest bringing Vaseline as a backup.


While many swear by Carmex, Burt’s Bees or any other type of lip balm, I’m over here in the corner looking like Wanda from “In Living Color“. In my opinion, Vaseline is king. All of the other brands that I mentioned tend to dry out my lips even more. Years ago I had a serious issue with picking the dead skin off of my lips. I found that I did this during times of stress, anxiety or boredom. Picking my lips caused bleeding and scarring. It was such an ugly habit! One day I applied Vaseline on my lips overnight. I didn’t realize the magic I was about to unleash the next morning. To my surprise, my dead skin wiped away like butter. From that moment on, I have been using Vaseline religiously.

**Note: If you purchase Vaseline make sure it is the original version. I’ve found the other versions of Vaseline they sell do nothing for repairing dry skin. Stick with the basic Vaseline if you want kissable lips. **


After an overnight Vaseline marinade on my lips, I will use my Makeup Eraser to wipe it off. I’ve discovered that it’s best to dampen the towel with warm water then with medium pressure wipe your mouth. Something about the warm water kind of loosens the dead skin easily from your lips. If you do not own the Makeup Eraser then I think a microfiber towel would be equivalent. I haven’t used one so I’m not sure if that is completely accurate. Others like to use a lip scrub to loosen the dead skin but I haven’t found a lip scrub that works well for me. I like the basic way that I have been caring for my lips and I’m going to stick to it.

One last little tip, although I’m referencing the time frame as 24-hours — I have noticed improvements with my lips within a couple of hours! Achieving kissable lips is not too far away.

Once you’ve given this lip care routine a try, go ahead and get your kiss on then share below how this routine worked for you. Happy Valentine’s Day

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