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Learning About The Rap Game From NiaKay

Learning About The Rap Game From NiaKay

I’m a huge fan of rappers when it comes to the old school style. Now-a-days the rap game, depending on who you are talking to, can be good or bad. While talking to Niakay, I got a chance to learn a few good things about The Rap Game. The Rap Game I’m referring to is the one that airs on Lifetime every Friday at 10/9C, features Jermaine Dupri and gives young hopefuls a chance to fulfill their dreams.

 NiaKay uses rap as a platform to express herself, always pushing to be better and work harder.


Yesterday, I sat down and chatted with NiaKay about her journey, working with Jermaine Dupri and more. I learned a lot from this young business mogul. She seems like a very intelligent young girl who knows what she wants. If you don’t know about her, now is your chance to learn! She is blowing up and will be the next Chicago rapper to go global.

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