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Kate Hudson’s Rockstar Era is ‘Glorious’

Kate Hudson’s Rockstar Era is ‘Glorious’

Kate Hudson performs new album Glorious

Kate Hudson, the actress famously known for her roles in Almost Famous and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, has released her first rock album. The singer-actress’ debut album Glorious came out on May 17.

Kate Hudson's debut album, Glorious
The cover art for Kate Hudson’s debut album Glorious.

Music magazine Spin called the daughter of singer Bill Hudson “music adjacent” — before seriously considering a music career, Hudson worked on several music-related projects like the feature film Rock the Kabash, the production co-written by Sia, Music, and the hit TV series Glee.

In an interview with NPR, Hudson told Ari Shapiro that she was afraid of rejection before she decided to make her dream of creating her own music a reality.

“I think success can be empowering, but success can also be imprisoning because you become known for one thing that you’re good at and people like,” Hudson said.

Hudson also told Shapiro that deciding to write music was a risk, and she worried her audience wouldn’t like her music.

“I’ve always been able to really sort of sit behind someone else’s vision. And music, to me, is the most intimate part of myself,” she said. “But to write, that’s my love.”

With Glorious, Hudson was able to overcome her reservations and actualize her music-making dream.

Hudson’s album has a 70s rock feel, featuring electric guitar and techno beats. Glorious features upbeat songs like “Fire” coupled with slower tunes like “The Nineties.”

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Three songs on the album, “Gonna Find Out,” “Live Forever” and “Talk About Love,” were released as singles previously this year. Her first single “Talk About Love” was released on January 30.

Writing music is important to Hudson, and the songs she wrote for Glorious hold personal significance. In “Live Forever,” Hudson writes about her experience as a new mom.

When the song was released, Hudson shared on Instagram, “When I wrote the song I didn’t realize it would take me a while to be able to sing the song all the way through without crying. But I pulled it off and can’t wait to share.”

“Our babies leave us eventually and we have to watch them go take on the world,” Hudson wrote on Instagram. “Some of us were so young that we were trying to figure out who we were simultaneously. That’s this song for me. My love letter to parents and the kids waving goodbye.”

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