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Jill Scott Fan Girls Over Seeing Beyoncé in Concert

Jill Scott Fan Girls Over Seeing Beyoncé in Concert

Jill Scott

Jill Scott, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter known for her soulful voice and relatable lyrics, recently shared a post on social media fangirling over seeing Beyoncé in concert on her Renaissance Tour.

Scott posted two videos of herself on Instagram with the caption, “Thank you so much Beyoncé.” She went on to say that thousands were “lifted” and she was one of them.

Her post was met with an outpouring of support from her fans. Many people commented on the post to say that they could relate to Scott’s experience.

Jill Scott and Beyoncé have a long history of mutual admiration. Scott has covered Beyoncé’s songs in concert, and Beyoncé gave a nod to Scott in the ‘Break My Soul (The Queens Remix)’.

In addition to her love of Beyoncé, Scott is also celebrating another milestone this year. She recently celebrated her 23rd year with Hidden Beach Records, the independent record label that she has been signed to since the beginning of her career.

Hidden Beach Records is known for its support of female artists, and Scott has been a vocal advocate for the label. She has spoken out about the importance of independent labels and the need for more opportunities for female artists.

Jill Scott

Scott’s 23-year tenure at Hidden Beach Records is a testament to her talent and her dedication to her craft. She is an inspiration to women everywhere, and she is sure to continue to make great music for many years to come.

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She’s also on her own tour. She will be performing in Chicago on July 24th, 2023 at the Chicago Theatre.

Scott’s tour is in celebration of her anniversary at Hidden Beach. If you’re a fan of Jill Scott or Beyoncé, you won’t want to miss either of these concerts. They are sure to be two of the best shows of the year.

Jill’s story is a reminder that it’s okay to fangirl over your favorite artists, no matter how old you are. Beyoncé is an amazing performer, and it’s no wonder that Scott was so excited to see her in concert.

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