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Jeezy Touches On Divorce in Candid Conversation with Nia Long

Jeezy Touches On Divorce in Candid Conversation with Nia Long

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Jeezy, the legendary Atlanta rapper, sat down for an in-depth interview with actress Nia Long on Tuesday, November 7th. The two-hour conversation covered a wide range of topics, including Jeezy’s childhood, his career, and his recent divorce from television personality Jeannie Mai.

During the interview, Jeezy opened up about his difficult childhood, which included being molested as a child. He also spoke about his early days in the rap game, his rise to fame, and his struggles with addiction.

But what stood out to most fans and observers were their comments about their crumbled relationships.

Last year, Long’s relationship with Ime Udoka, 46, ended after the former Boston Celtics coach was caught having an affair with a co-worker. Udoka was suspended for the season, and Long has since filed for full custody of their 12-year-old son.

Jeezy briefly discussed his recent divorce from Mai, 44, which he announced in September after two years of marriage. Mai took a social media break last month “to heal,” while Jeezy said the split “was not made impulsively and comes with a heavy heart.”

Unlike Long’s breakup from Ime Udoka, the reason for Jeezy’s separation wasn’t made public. And fans who tuned in to his sit-down with Long and hoped for more clarity walked away with no new answers.

“I can tell you, this has not been an easy journey — I can tell you that I’m sad, and I can tell you that I’m disappointed, I can tell you that I’m uneasy.,” Jeezy said.

“But again, God has put me in a different path, and that path is going to entail for me to take care of myself, and to love myself myself, and to be in the best situation that I can to thrive.”

Jeezy added that he does not like to fail at things, but acknowledged, “I can only be responsible for myself — I can only do what I could do, and I can’t expect someone else to do what I’m doing.”

Long then asked if he and Mai had gone to therapy together before deciding to end their marriage. “Yeah,” he replied, somberly nodding his head. Long praised his effort and said, “Well then, s—, you tried.”

The interview was a rare glimpse into Jeezy’s personal life, and fans were quick to praise him for his honesty and openness. Many took to social media to express their support for the rapper, and to thank him for sharing his story.

“My brother @Jeezy invited me to a very important conversation. It’s a beautiful thing when a black man and a black woman choose to harbor safety for one another.,” Nia Long wrote on Twitter in support of Jeezy.

“There are so many moments of beautiful vulnerability, wisdom & affirming in this interview.,” another fan wrote. “This is one of my favorite moments.”

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The interview was also a reminder of Jeezy’s talent and influence. He is one of the most successful rappers of all time, and he has inspired countless others with his music.

“I’ve gained such a deeper respect for Jeezy!!!! I can’t even put it into words,” one fan wrote on YouTube. “I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CONVERSATION!!!! Thank you both!”

“Omg, what a much needed conversation that was beautifully said by both Nia and Jeezy!,” another fan wrote. “Keep the conversation going. ❤️”

The interview was a powerful and moving look at the life of one of hip-hop’s most iconic figures. Jeezy’s honesty and openness were refreshing, and his story is sure to inspire many.


This interview comes on the heels of his newly released double album “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget.” This is Jeezy’s first independent release through his independent label CTE New World. This powerful double album delves into the topics and people that have shaped him both personally and professionally. Listen HERE.

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