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Insecure’s Jean Elie & Mike Gauyo Now Needs Someone To “Send Help”

Insecure’s Jean Elie & Mike Gauyo Now Needs Someone To “Send Help”

Jean Elie knows first hand how Imposter Syndrome can make you feel like you need someone to call 911…stat! The Send Help lead star and creator, along with producing partner Mike Gauyo, created a coming-of-age dark comedy series centered on a first-generation Haitian-American young man (Elie as Fritz Jean-Baptiste) struggling to overcome the challenges of “making it” in Hollywood, while coming to terms with a recent family tragedy.

Fritz is firing on all cylinders, until he receives a fateful call delivering the news of his shows’ cancellation. As Fritz struggles to conquer his feelings of imposter syndrome, the Hollywood community, and high maintenance family, he leans on his closest friends and confidantes

“I am extremely excited to finally share this series with the world, as it’s been a labor of love for the last several years. As a first generation Haitian American, I was honored to bring this, first of its kind, Haitian American story to the big screen,” stated Elie.

Before Send Help, Elie had a guest starring role and Gauyo was a writer on the popular HBO series, Insecure. With both having similar backgrounds, it was no-brainer when they formed a strong brotherhood back in 2016.

“Working with a group of strong writers, including my brother Mike, who allowed me to like, pushes me to tell some honest stories in the process for us to be able to create Send Help,” stated Elie.

Jean and Mike are extremely passionate and excited to share the unique experiences of Haitian-Americans.

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“This is a series about Haitian people just existing. Not as caricatures or stereotypes, but as fully formed, normalized, human beings sharing the same space as everyone else, while sharing unique experiences that feel universal. I’m incredibly proud of this series and can’t wait to see it on air,” added Gauyo.

You can catch Send Help weekly every Thursday on AMC Networks’ streamer, ALLBLK.

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