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Getting Hitched? Here are Five Wedding Trends to Take Your Special Day to the Moon & Back

Getting Hitched? Here are Five Wedding Trends to Take Your Special Day to the Moon & Back

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Bells are chiming, doves are flying and wedding season is here! Here come the newlyweds-to-be , prepped and ready to celebrate one of the most magical days of their life. If you’re planning your wedding from square one, do not fear! Our friends at Lux Experience Events have got you covered with the latest and hottest trends for a stunning wedding.

Lux Experience Events CEO Melisa Brown shared some insight with us on the latest fads for those tying the knots. With seasoned expertise planning events and working with stars like Diana Ross and Natalie Cole, Brown’s experience offers some modish ideas to incorporate into your wedding.

Melisa Brown, CEO of Lux Experience Events who is an expert on wedding trends
Lux Experience Events CEO Melisa Brown was inspired to begin her business while running her empire company, The New York Fame, which has produced NY Fashion Week events. (Photo from Lux Experience Events)

Innovative Technology Immersion

First on Brown’s list of upcoming trends is new state-of-the-art technological experiences to integrate some fun into your special day. Holographic images, exhibits and virtual reality guests are some of the top gadgets bound to bring couples into a whole other universe.

More Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Wedding Planning

Out with the old, in with the new! No more limits to what kind of love is celebrated and what stories are told. Inclusive ceremonies and planning are core values couples have stood their ground on now more than ever. Vendors are also opening doors to provide services embracing all kinds of couples, experiences and unique wedding designs.

Bye Bye White!

Contrary to centuries of conventional white gowns and veils, 2024 is headed towards bright and vivacious color schemes, especially pastels. Many are also integrating different hues into their jewelry, perhaps straying away from traditional silver diamonds. Whether it be through spunky dresses or whimsical decor, this year’s weddings will certainly add more flavor into the mix.

More Personalized Experiences for Couples

With the rise of technology, Brown hints at very eccentric and one-of-a-kind wedding experiences for couples this year. Immersive entertainment, custom-made fashion and distinctive playlists will definitely encourage guests to get their groove on!

Destination Weddings at New Heights

Perhaps the most exciting trend, Brown says everything from underwater ceremonies to mountain-top “I do’s” will put a stellar spin on destination weddings. If you or your partner are daredevils, you might want to explore unconventional reception halls… or seas, if you’re an underwater kind of person.

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photos of cocktail drinks, flowers and fancy dinners for this year's wedding trends
Glitz and Glam: Here’s a sneak peek at the lush romantic vibes for Lux Experience’s marketplace event- don’t miss it! (Photo from Lux Experience Events)

Want an even closer look at Lux Experience Events’ wedding intel? Lux Experience Events will be hosting their 3rd Annual Lux Experience Marketplace Event in Miami, Florida on April 13 & 14th. Newly engaged couples can dabble in a range of fine dining and drinks with a special performance from Grammy nominated singer Kenny Lattimore. More importantly, various fashion designers and other bridal booths will be present to help couples plan their perfect wedding!

For more information and a chance to win a complimentary bridal shower from Lux Experience Events, you can purchase your tickets here.

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