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Get Ready to Sweat for Tyler Perry’s New Sexy Murder-Mystery, “Mea Culpa”

Get Ready to Sweat for Tyler Perry’s New Sexy Murder-Mystery, “Mea Culpa”

Kelly Rowland in Mea Culpa

If you’re looking for a fresh and sexy new film, search no longer because filmmaker, writer and producer Tyler Perry has announced a new sensual murder-mystery called Mea Culpa, set to premiere on Netflix on February 23. Starring former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland, the film takes an exciting twist on thrillers with its flirty flair.

Rowland, who also serves as the producer of the film, plays Mea Harper, an unhappy wife whose career as a criminal defense attorney takes a riveting turn when she develops a fiery romance with one of her clients, Zyair Malloy. Played by Trevante Rhodes (Birdbox, Bruiser), the enigmatic painter brings a particularly exhilarating mystery to the plot line.

Trevante Rhodes paints with Kelly Rowland in "Mea Culpa"
Zyair teaches Mea how to paint in his studio, a catalyst for some spicy and artistic scenes.

In the film’s trailer, viewers get a peek at Mea’s confusing and passionate road to navigating her unhappy marriage, financial stressors and of course, Zyair’s truth. Despite mounting evidence against him, Mea is determined to prove her client innocent. But first, she must figure out if Zyair really is innocent, and the motives behind his seductive nature.

Perry says Rowland and Rhodes make an especially electrifying duo, ensuring all the heat is brought to the screen.

“The chemistry is electric,” said Perry, according to Netflix’s companion news site, Tudum.

Rowland expressed similar sentiments.

“Trevante is a dream,” she said on Tudum. “When we met, it was chemistry.”

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Kelly Rowland rides behind Trevante Rhodes' motorcycle in Mea Culpa
A sleek Mea rides on the back of bad boy Zyair’s motorcycle.

Mea Culpa marks Perry’s fourth collaboration with Netflix, his most recent being A Jazzman’s Blues. Though Perry has another one of his beloved Madea films in the works, he is also dabbling more into history in his upcoming World War Two biopic Six Triple Eight, which follows an all-Black female battalion led by Kerry Washington.

Though Mea Culpa itself is an unraveled mystery, its title does hint at many twists to come. Mea culpa is a Latin phrase used to admit wrongdoing, making it even more interesting as the film’s title. The question for now is, whose wrongdoing will be admitted? Stay tuned on February 23 to uncover the truth to one of the most streamy nail-biters.

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