B. Simone is an American rapper, singer, comedian, beautician, internet personality, and actress, who was one of the recurring cast members on Season 9 but later returned to the show in Season 11 of the improv comedy show Wild ‘N Out on MTV and VH1.

    Simone has been working on adding more credit to her IMdb resume. The media maven was just featured in BET’s Christmas film “Holiday Heartbreak”. The film is about karma hitting hard at Christmas when a loving father, played by comedian Michael Colyar, discovers that his womanizing past is coming back to haunt his daughter, played by Maryam Basir, after a curse destroys her love life. Rounding out the cast of this romantic comedy are LisaRaye McCoy, AJ Johnson, DeWayne “Kountry Wayne” Colley, Tiffany Black, B Simone, Kenneth Wayne, and Lonnie Bee.

    Since the release of the movie, I chatted with the influencer about her plagiarism allegations, working on-set, her holiday heartbreak, and what’s next. Press play to watch the interview!

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