Andrea Morehead

Andrea Morehead, an Emmy Award-winning journalist from Anderson, Indiana, graduated summa cum laude from Howard University and earned her J.D. degree from Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington, Indiana. With over 30 years in broadcasting, she's covered major events worldwide, earning seven Emmy Awards and an Edward R. Murrow Award. As the founder of Clover Lane Media, Inc., she’s produced an Emmy-nominated documentary about the Civil Rights movement in Indiana and serves as a producer for national media companies for various reality shows. You can also catch her on HSN (Home Shopping Network) as a Brand Ambassador for numerous home decor companies. Andrea, a survivor of triple-negative breast cancer, is dedicated to supporting women through their cancer journey and founded "I’m THAT Chick Who Ain’t Afraid" to empower women and “Manasota Moments”, a beach brand that supports physical and mental wellness. Check out her YouTube channel "My Silence is Not for Sale" for more inspiring content about workplace abuse and solutions. She is Co-Director of End Workplace Abuse Indiana and is a highly-sought speaker about the topic.

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