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Must-Have Products For Working From Home

Must-Have Products For Working From Home

While many Americans are stuck working at home due to COVID-19, I wanted to share some products that may be useful for a new home office or space. From ergonomically correct supplies to apps that make meetings more efficient, I got the chance to display an array of products via Skype or Zoom on CBS 2 Chicago. That video will be published once it airs this morning.

In the meantime, the links are below for those that caught the segment and wanted some more details on the products that were presented.

Lenovo Thinksmart View: $349

The Lenovo Thinksmart View makes collaboration simple, improves video conferencing, and can be used without disrupting work. It has a built-in speaker, camera and microphone, and video works with Microsoft Teams. It will be available to purchase at the end of April.

TapeACall: $29.99/year

TapeACall records phone calls with the push of a button and works for incoming or outgoing calls. It transcribes calls to Word or PDF documents and sends an email of the transcript. There is unlimited cloud storage, making it great for meetings or interviews.

Tripp Lite USB-C Adapter: Starting at $20

The Tripp Lite USB-C Adapter turns your television into a second screen. It plugs into your laptop or tablet’s USB-C port and works with an HDMI cable.

Everlet Charge: $14.00 – $39.99

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The Everlet Charge is invented by a Chicagoan and father of five. It prevents kids from stealing chargers by locking your charger down in the one place you want it. It comes with a lightning-fast charging cube and charges all devices.

Relay: $49.99 for the device and $9 a month for a plan

Relay works like a walkie talkie so you can remain in constant contact with the kids while working. Because it is cellular-based, there are no more out of range issues. It has GPS tracking built-in so you can check on kids’ whereabouts. It’s screen-free and safe for kids. Relay can be purchased at Target or Amazon.

Lenovo ThinkSmart View | TapeACall | Tripp Lite USB-C Adapter | Everlet Charge | Relay

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