Alexis Alvarez

Alexis is a fashion, beauty, and pop culture writer. She enjoys reading and writing about the latest fashion trends and has a keen interest in pop music fandoms.

Laketra Chick

Laketra Chick, a seasoned Clinical Social Worker and Therapist, brings a decade of expertise in addressing anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-esteem challenges across various age groups—from children and teens to adults. With a specialized focus on BIPOC issues and postpartum/motherhood, Laketra offers compassionate and comprehensive support.

NCrew Ntern

NCrew Ntern/s are dedicated to creating stories that N’terain, N’ligthen, and N’hance our readers…JUST N LIFE!

Nekia Nichelle

Nekia Nichelle is an entertainment/lifestyle reporter + expert, TV host, and pop culture commentator. She’s been featured on TV ONE, TMZ, and several other major affiliates. Her self-run YouTube channel boasts 5MIL+ views. As the Editor-In-Chief of, she provides a platform for diverse voices, extending her impact in the entertainment and lifestyle realms.

Vashti Moore

Vashti is a lifestyle entertainment, health, and wellness writer. She enjoys sharing her expertise and advice on parenting and self-care. She also loves writing stories about pop culture and trending shows, as well as celebrity lifestyle and luxury. To pitch a story to Vashti contact her on IG @vashtithejournalist or Twitter @vashtismoore.